Amor, Aqua Y Mas | Guaymas safe haven

Amor, Aqua Y Mas is a safe haven for children and mothers who come from an abusive situation and have nowhere else to go.  Currently, the building where they’re living, which is near director Maggie Arechiga’s childhood home, is under construction. The some 20 kids (ages 3 to 16), four mothers, Maggie and the godsend Antonio (a pastor on Sunday in Empalme, a night watchman for the kids each evening and their construction honcho during the day) are all crammed into just a few rooms while a second story rises above them, all from volunteer labor. When finished, they will have six bedrooms and two classrooms and hope to turn their bodega into a cafe that serves coffee and pastries to the neighborhood. Maggie, who taught in California for 30 years before returning to her Guaymas roots, envisions an additional home in the country for those who are more permanent wards, as opposed to temporarily rescued from crisis situations.

WHAT THEY NEED: With some support from San Carlos Community Church and other churches in Canada and California as well as Castaway Kids, they still eke by, especially in the summer months. They can use everyday products (like toilet paper); children’s socks, shoes and underwear; toys (especially ones that are creative); food (like milk, bread, eggs, oatmeal, cereal, fruit and vegetables), a grill and deep-fat fryer. Also anyone willing to take on a handyman job (like fixing a toilet) or lead a crafts project in the afternoon would be embraced. For financial contributions, see website.

WHO TO CONTACT: Reach Maggie, who is bilingual, by email at  or phone 622-100-6580 (Mexico cell). Website:  On Facebook:

LOCATION: In central Guaymas.  Because the inhabitants come from inflammatory situations, they do not want their exact location publicized. If you have donations, contact Maggie and she will make arrangements.

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