Guaymas Restaurants

Looking for a restaurant in Guaymas? We can help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s tacos, shrimp, pizza, steak, salad, sandwich, Italian, Chinese, French, Mexican, fast-food or fine dining, kid friendly or romantic.

Cafetería El Jardín

Telephone: (622) 225-2800
Web Page:
Address: in the Hotel Armida,  Guaymas

Café Solé

Telephone: (622) 221-9411
Address: in the Hotel del Sol, Guaymas


Telephone: (622) 224-6245
Address: Calzada Agustín García López
Plaza Comercial Las Delicias, Guaymas

Diegos Sushi’s and Bar

Telephone: (622) 224-0088
Address: Calzada Agustín García López #944

El Mazateño

Telephone: (622) 221-2000
Address: Diana Laura Riojas de Colosio S/N, Luis Donaldo Colosio, 85465 Heroica Guaymas, Son

El Oeste Steak House

Telephone: (622) 225-2800
Address: in the Hotel Armida, Guaymas

El Panda… and Sushi

Telephone: (622) 222-4040
Address: Calzada Agustín García López, at the corner of Atún, Guaymas

El Pescadito Taquería

Address: García López, Las Juntas, 85440 Heroica Guaymas

El Sauce y la Palma

Telephone: (622) 224-3457
Address: Calle 13 Avenida 7 y 8, Number 258, Guaymas

Konuti Sushi and Bar

Telephone: (622) 221-1420
Address: Plaza Altea, near the Cinemex, Guaymas

La Cobacha

Telephone: (622) 221-2270
Address: Carretera Internacional, Km. 1982, Guaymas

Las Chulas

Telephone: (662) 302-3001
Address: Calle 23 esq. Alfonso Iberri, Guaymas


Telephone: (622) 132-8876
Pagina Web:
Address: Carretera Internacional, Guaymas

Mariscos el Rey

Telephone: (622) 224-0302
Address: Carretera Internacional, Junto al Puente de Miramar

Mariscos y Cocos el Novillero

Telephone: (622) 120-8356
Address: on Benito Juarez, across from the baseball stadium, Guaymas

Mariscos Los Arbolitos

Telephone: (622) 221-2601
Address: Carretera Internacional, Km. 1982, Guaymas

Murphy’s Bistro

Address: Av villa del Mar Col. Miramar, Guaymas
Telephone: 22-10700

Restaurant Bar de Cortés

Telephone: (622) 221-1048
Address: Hotel Playa de Cortés, Guaymas

Restaurant Perla Oriental

Telephone: 622 222 3839
Address: Serdan & Calle 16, Guaymas


Telephone: (622) 221-9032
Address: Calzada Agustín García López 937 Local #5, Guaymas

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