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Learn Spanish
Learn to play an instrument
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Directory of schools in Guaymas & San Carlos: from kinder through university
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Creations is a local artisan gift and workshop.

In our store, you will find unique locally made items including jewelry, tortilla warmers, fine art and prints, crochet toys and swimsuit covers, t-shirts, Fun (gift) Cards and more.

Learn Spanish with Arnold Trujillo

Spanish classes led by Arnold Trujillo, who has taught in San Carlos since 2009. Nov 2023 classes held at Chihuahua’s

Spanish Classes with Carolina & Elizabeth

Come join one of our classes and improve your Spanish over the winter. We have a variety of levels, days and times.

You can choose what best suits you or you can meet us beforehand to determine your level.

Spanish Lessons | Nendy Fimbres

Phone: 6228559221
Spanish Lessons with Nendy Fimbres

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Dolores Monterrubio (Spanish & English language teacher)

Spanish & English language teacher in San Carlos Sonora Mexico

learn spanish!

Phone: 622 1092488
Address: Your own house, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

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Espanglish – Institute of Language and Culture

The Espanglish Institute is a language school for adults of all ages who want to learn Spanish or English right here in beautiful San Carlos.

Phone: (622) 105-2398

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Learn Piano – Jacqui Percious

Learn to play the piano with a very easy proven method. Have fun, amaze your friends and even better, amaze yourself!

200 pesos per lesson…10th lesson free (less than 20 usd).

Phone: 622-227-0014
Address: Bahia San Carlos
Days &

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Learn Guitar – Jacqui Percious

Ever wanted to learn the classical guitar? Have a guitar sitting around and don’t know how to play it? Or, you just know a little and would like to learn more? Or, you want a challenge and want to keep those brain cells active!

Your problem is solved.

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Thrown Back Sports / Pro Kiteboarding

Phone: 044-622-129-1382
Address: , , Sonora Mexico

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Jock Barker, Creative Councilor, Life & Sales Strategies

Phone: 720-771-4664
Address: La Posada Condos #207, , Sal Carlos Mexico, Sonora Mexico

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Instituto Cervino

Phone: (622)221-4081
Address: Domicilio Conocido S/N . Col. Las Quintas, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico

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American English Academy

Phone: (622)224-2929
Address: Avenida Serdan 6 . Col. Benito Juarez, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico

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Instituto Regional de Guaymas

Phone: (622)222-5200
Address: Serdán 645 . Col. Col Centro, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico 85400

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Colegio Navarette

Phone: (622) 222-1861
Address: Blvd. Totoaba s/n Parte Final Col. Aurora, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico 85420

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Colegio Americano

Phone: 622-221-1617
Address: Blvd. Luis Encinas s/n, Esq. Paseo Colinas, Col. Miramar, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico 85510

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