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Whether you’re driving a car, truck, rv, motorcycle or rental car, make sure that you are insured to drive in Mexico. It’s the law.
U.S. and Canadian insurance policies are not recognized here.

Sanborn’s Mexico Car Insurance

Sanborn’s Mexico Car Insurance: Mexico car, boat and home insurance.

If you’re going to drive in Mexico, you need Mexican car insurance. Your US or Canadian car insurance is not enough. You’ll need to get liability coverage issued by a Mexican Insurance Company.

If you have any questions about purchasing car insurance for Mexico, you can talk to insurance agent Julie Akin, who lives in both San Carlos Mexico and in Tucson Arizona.

San Carlos Insurance

Mexico boat, vehicle, and home insurance. Medical insurance policies are also available.

If you have any questions about purchasing boat, car, Motorhome (RV), motorcycle, home insurance, or medical insurance in Mexico, you can talk to bilingual insurance agent Felipe A. Salazar Soto. Felipe is located in the Catch 22 office in Marina San Carlos.

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