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We have moved!

Our phone number remains the same: 622-226-1393. We are also available on WhatsApp: 622-226-1393 Please call or leave us a message.

You can text me on my US number: 623-606-5333.
You can contact us via email at:

New address:

449, Calle Del Abulon
Caracol Peninsula
San Carlos, Sonora

Pictures of our new treatment rooms will be posted soon.

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Consider supporting our local business with an online Gift Certificate for any value which you can put towards any treatment you choose in the future with no expiry date. We can take PayPal, Cash or Credit Card.

Retail Shelves

We have two Retail Shelves with items that you possibly have run out of. Many items are on sale.

We have your favorite bath & body works shower gels, body lotions, body scrubs, etc., all infused with essential oils. This is especially important right now to shower twice daily adding a scrub. If you want to cheer someone up, we have free gift wrapping and cards available.

Our most popular organic face cream is still available — it is important to keep your skin hydrated in times of stress.
Also, all-natural sleep aids assist stressful periods along with many different essential oils. We have a special blend to assist with keeping your immune system boosted. On Special $5.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our products, please call us at 622-226-1393 to make an appointment to visit the Centre.

Medical Massages

Medical Massages for Patients in pain are available with Maxwell Gregory. Private appointments only at the Wellness Centre using the same protocols as above. Call us at 622-226-1393.

Online Personal Training and Nutrition

Maxwell is also offering ONLINE personal Training. Due to high demand, there is limited space. Call 622-226-1393 or call/text Maxwell directly at: 480-452-4169; or email him at:

Bio for Maxwell Gregory

Education and Certifications Include:

  • Master Personal Trainer
  • Functional Fitness Trainer
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Orthopedic Knee Rehabilitation
  • Johns Hopkins Exercise for Parkinson’s
  • TRX

Maxwell is offering online training sessions for those who want to have an option of staying fit and working out while the gyms are closed. He specializes in online training and creates a program especially for you. Please call and we will set you up for a free online consultation.


  • Women’s Fitness
  • Exercise Programming for Parkinson’s
  • Pre/Post Op Exercise for Knee and Hip
  • Advanced TRX movements
  • Sandbag techniques
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Dryland training for swimmers

Our Story:
At Legends Labs, we believe that becoming a legend is earned. Not any one modality of movement is better, but rather, we will train you with a collection of movements to keep progressing your goals of strength, flexibility, mobility, and mindfulness of your body.

Legends Labs was born out of a passion for fitness and finding people in need of quality movement. Whether it be a first-timer or a seasoned veteran of the gym, Legends Labs is dedicated to attention to detail and fostering health and wellness within the body, mind, and soul. At Legends Labs, we are driven by a desire to create a community of health and wellness-minded people.


CLICK HERE for the Summer Specials. For more details on these services, please read the main menu below.

CHECK OUT out our retail shelves and new face products!

CLICK HERE for the Brand New Facial / Organic Sheet Mask Treatment.

CLICK HERE for the Detox Treatment/ full Body Scrub & Detox Clay Wrap Specials.

CLICK HERE for our Latest Gold Gel Mask Facial on Special! CLICK HERE for more information about the benefits of our new Gold Gel Mask.

Introducing our New 4 Hands Massage. CLICK HERE for details.

CLICK HERE. Please read as we know you have a choice!

Come in and get pampered at the only 5-star Spa in San Carlos.

Pedicure Specials:
Deluxe Pedicures with Foot & Leg Scrub and hot towels $18.99
Regular Pedicures with Foot Scrub & Hot Towels $15.99
Add Paraffin Wax $4
Call Today 622-226-1393


Enjoy one of our Specials or select off our main menu below, relax and pamper yourself in the only quiet, relaxing, 5-star Spa. While our menu is priced in USD, we will conveniently convert this into Mexican pesos for you at the time of your service. We accept US dollars, Mexican pesos, PayPal, VISA, and Mastercard.

Your appointments or Spa treatments are reserved especially for you. We value your business and we ask that you respect our Therapists’ time & the Spa’s Policy. Note that we require 24 hours notice for any cancellations please. See our Cancellation Policy here.

Book now or buy a gift certificate.

Online Gift Certificates are now available! If you are out of town and wish to surprise family or friends with a Gift, we will email you the Certificate for the selected service. They should call the Wellness Centre directly to make an appointment. To arrange your Online Gift Certificate, please call 226-1393 or email:

Get pampered. Call 226-1393 today.


Established 25 years ago and formerly owned by Nancy Norton LMT, the San Carlos Wellness Centre has been a part of our community for over two decades, helping many people recover from injuries and others just enjoying being pampered with massages and facials. Nancy was ready to retire so this was a perfect fit for the new owners, Devin and Karen Delaney, as they did not want to see the Centre close. Nancy will be working a few days a week so you can still enjoy her amazing massages.

Devin and Karen have lived in San Carlos for 18 years and are very excited for this opportunity to continue servicing the many needs of residents and visitors. The newly renovated clinic has been transformed with healing colors of blues and greens and healing energies — all part of Karen’s vision.

In addition to Chiropractic and Medical massage therapy, new affordable services are available so you can pamper yourself on a regular basis and hydrate your skin which we all need living in the sun!

The services include: Massages. Facials. New Full Back Facial! Full Body Sugar Scrubs. Scalp Massage with oils. Foot Detoxing. Foot scrubs and massage. Body Wraps. Hydrotherapy. Reiki. Low Level laser Therapy for pain management and Chakra balancing. Pedicures, Manicures and Waxing.

The Wellness Centre & Spa will continue to add new therapies and services for you all to enjoy. We also have a fully stocked cabinet of retail items including a variety of essential oils, sugar scrubs, Skin Script products, Biofreeze, soaps, etc.

The Centre will be offering weekly and monthly Specials so you can come and experience a relaxing therapy. See above for the current Specials.

Gift Certificates Available!

Call today at (622) 226-1393 for an appointment. All prices in USD.

Description of Services:

Therapeutic Massages

$49 / 1 hr;  $69 / 1.5 hrs;  $89 / 2 hrs

Add a Peppermint Head Massage for $10

Add an organic hot cellulite and muscle treatment for $3

Swedish: Swedish massage increases circulation of the blood and lymph. It helps relieve aches and body pains improving sleep.

Hot Stone: Heated natural stones are placed on the body during your massage, easing body tension, relaxing the muscles and balancing the body.

Deep Tissue: Deep Tissue massage focuses on stretching the connective tissues. It relieves pain from adhesions and scar tissues which form in the muscles from injuries.

Arthritis Massage: Using a special blend of essential oils using gentle massage techniques, this treatment will soothe your achy joints and muscles.

Sports and Medical Massage: Our therapist has 40 years’ experience, combines deep & connective tissue osteopathy, Cyriax friction, mobilization and rolfing type fascia work. $99 /60 min

Head Massage: An infusion of special oils are massaged into the scalp which are absorbed into the hair follicles nourishing and strengthening the hair.
$20 / 30 min

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: This is good at reducing swelling, healing acne, relieving fatigue, helps the body detox, decreases facial puffiness, boosts the immune system, soothes cellulite and soothes sore muscles. $25 / 45 min


Our licensed aesthetician will first analyze your skin type to insure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Mini Express Facial: Facial cleansing with steam exfoliation mask, finishing with moisturizer, hot towels on your feet and foot massage are included. $29 / 30 min

Recommend adding pure Jade roller around eyes and lips and cream for $5

Deluxe Facial: Facial cleansing with steam, exfoliation mask, extractions, massage face and neck with oils, clay or hydration mask, hot towel foot therapy, eye treatment, lip treatment, finishing with a moisturizer with sun screen. $59 / 60 min

Anti-Aging Facial: Facial cleansing with steam, exfoliation mask, extractions, massage face and neck with anti-aging oils, anti-aging hydrating mask, hot towel foot therapy, eye cream, lip treatment, moisturizer, with sun screen. $59 / 60 min

Back Facial: A back facial will clean, tone, and exfoliate which can help clear up blemishes. Skin that is dry or irritated will typically be re-hydrated and revitalized using moisturizing masks or lotions. Both men and women benefit from this treatment. $59 / 60 min

Try our new Binchotan Charcoal Mask from Japan. Click here for details.

Suggested add-on’s for our Facials:

High Frequency electrotherapy glass electrodes are used , anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and tightening – Add $12

Genuine pure Jade roller around the eyes and lips for anti-wrinkle and skin tightening – Add $5

Microdermabrasion diamond tip can be added to any 1 hour facial for $25

Blended oils, or Peppermint Head Massage – Add $10

Gold Eye Gel Masks – Add $5

Gold Gel Lip Masks – Add $5

Full Organic Sheet Masks – Starting at $10

Other Therapies

Chiropractic Services: Doctor William Lay is at the Wellness Centre 2 days a week. A Graduate of Logan Chiropractic University. Uses gentle techniques based on the Logan method. Get adjusted. Align your body. Feel amazing.

Retired Doctor of Chiropractic: Dr. Thomas Wilson D.C. Over 30 years of experience. Specializing in: B.E.S.T.
1) (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) – Balancing the central and autonomic nervous systems allowing the muscles and joints to relax and function normally without forceful manipulation
2) Acutherapies (full body and ear)
3) Physiotherapy
4) Intersegmental traction – good for disc problems and spinal stenosis

Prof. Othon Molina – PhD, LMT: Over 50 years of experience. Sports and medical massage, rolfing, kinesiology, nutrition, personal trainer. Back and neck specialist since 1970.

Cranial Sacral Therapy: CST is noninvasive. It uses gentle pressure on the head, neck, and back to relieve the stress and pain caused by compression. $25 / 45 min

Raindrop Technique Aromatherapy: A powerful technique using essential oils applied to the spine, neck and feet which helps re-align the body, easing the muscles and joints plus improves the immune system. $49 / 60 min

Detox French Clay Wrap: This is a three step process. First you receive the full body scrub, then a clay mask is applied to your body and you are wrapped in steamy sheets to sweat and detox. After you shower off, a hydrating body butter is applied. $79 / 90 min

Full Body Scrub: Relax while the therapist applies the sugar scrub to your body, which removes all the dead skin cells. After a shower, you receive an infusion of lotions and oils to hydrate the body. $39.99 / 45 min

Foot and Leg Scrub: Using a sugar scrub that is massaged into your leg and foot removing dead skin cells and toxins, it’s washed off, followed with a hydrating lotion massaged into your legs and feet. $15 / 30 min

Reflexology: A science of hand and foot massage. Pressure is applied to various points which are coordinated to organs and parts of your body which helps normalize the body system and improves circulation. $20

Nutritionist: Evaluating your health & advising on a healthy diet. $25 / 60 min

Reiki: The channeling of energy to parts of the body, reducing aches, pains and stress leaving you with a feeling of well-being. $20

Low Level Laser Therapy: The laser re-energizers the injured cellular membranes which help develop healthy new cells. Speeds up healing to wounds, bruising, damaged tissues, bones, and ligaments. Treatments start at $39 depending how long is needed: packages recommended

Chakra Balancing: Using tuning forks and essential oils, your Chakras can be re-balanced bringing body, mind and spirit into perfect harmony. Your feet will be wrapped in hot towels followed by a foot massage. $25 / 30 min

Ionic Foot Detox Bath: Eliminating toxins and metals from the body through the feet, increasing energy and helping the body to become more alkaline. Recommended for many ailments especially patients with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a compromised immune system, Lyme Disease. $15 / 30 min session or 6 sessions for $75

We recommend a Peppermint Head Massage while your feet detox – Add $10

Pedicures: Relax for your Pedicures in a very quiet peaceful sacred space.

  • Regular Pedicure includes: nails trimmed, dead skin exfoliation (feet only), sugar foot scrub followed with hot towels and foot and leg massage with body butter, plus polish. $15.99
  • Deluxe Pedicure includes nails trimmed, dead skin exfoliation with peppermint sloughing lotion on feet and legs, followed with a sugar scrub on your feet and legs then wrapped with hot towels, foot and leg massage with body butters, plus polish. $18.99

Manicures: $13.99 (French polish, add $6). Removal of existing gel or acrylic nails starting at $5.

Nail Art starts at $5

Waxing Services: Eye brows $8 / Lip $8 / Combo $12

Meet the Team

Karen Delaney: Owner, Therapist.

Devin Delaney: Owner, Business Manager.

Dr. William (Bill) Lay, D.C.: Chiropractor. Over 30 years experience. Available for appointments twice a week and on call for emergencies.

Dr. Thomas Wilson, D.C.: Chiropractor. Over 30 years experience. Specializes in B.E.S.T., acutherapies, physiotherapy, intersegmental traction.

Prof. Othon Molina – PhD, LMT: Sports and medical massage, rolfing, kinesiology, nutrition, personal trainer. Back and neck specialist since 1970.

Nancy Norton – LMT: Massage therapist.

Margarita Paez: Massage therapist.

Ferzhy & Serina: Pedicures and Manicures.


Contact us today

Phone: 622-226-1393. Call or WhatsApp for appointment. We require 24 hours notice for any cancellations please.
Address: 449 Calle Del Abulon, Caracol Peninsula, San Carlos, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico 85506

Facebook: San Carlos Wellness Centre & Spa

Days & Times Open: Monday to Saturday, 9:00am – 6:00pm. Call for an appointment.

We accept US dollars, Mexican pesos, PayPal, VISA, and Mastercard.

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