Cenergy is a Mexican company focused on providing clean energy solutions for all your energy needs. Serving the state of Sonora, we have a proven track record of reliability and know how.

Whether installing or servicing your air-conditioning or heating unit, or equipping your home with state-of-the-art solar panels, Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal. We are happy to provide you with client testimonials.

Pre-Winter Promotions!!

Take advantage of our November AC Tune Up Special of only 350 pesos per unit!

Also check out our Winter blowout special! A one ton Mirage mini-split with heat, including basic installation, for only 6,800 pesos!

This summer season was brutal! and the warm weather and humidity will linger for a few more weeks. After all that abuse, it is the perfect time to tune up your AC / heating units, and ensure they are clean and ready to go when the cold weather arrives. Air conditioning and heating in our homes and offices is a necessity!

Here are 5 reasons why an annual Air Conditioner / Heater Tune Up is needed.

1) Avoid mold build up: Evaporators or air handlers are great hosts for all kinds of mold. The constant humidity combined with dirt, pet hair and lint, is a great cocktail for mold spores to grow deep inside your air conditioning equipment, where nobody can see them. Every time you run your AC, some of those particles get released into the air. Proper cleaning and sanitizing of air handlers ensures that foreign particles are removed and you stay healthy.

2) Save money by improving air flow efficiency: A proper AC air flow through the evaporator coil and condenser coil is essential for your AC to be able to remove heat from inside the house and send it outside. Any reduction in air flow results in increased electrical costs, inefficient cooling, and in the worst cases, premature failure of your equipment.

3) Ensure you have enough Refrigerant: Refrigerant is the medium by which the magic of cooling happens. Refrigerant has the ability to absorb heat from a room, and also has the ability to cool down the compressor, much like the coolant in your car engine. It keeps components lubricated and running smoothly. Small coolant deficiencies are not noticeable to most users, but can result in undue wear on your compressor. Early detection of refrigerant undercharge can save you a lot of money.

4) Detect potential problems early: Much like your car tune up, an AC tune up is meant to prevent problems down the road by catching them before they happen and you end up spending a lot of money for costly repairs or replacement of your AC equipment. A capable AC technician can identify unusual sounds and knows how to use specialized tools to diagnose the health of any AC equipment and perform any maintenance.

5) Maintain your warranty: Many AC manufacturers require users to perform and keep proof of annual services in order to make good on their extended warranties. Don’t let a missed AC tune up void the warranty on your new equipment.

If you haven’t had your air conditioner serviced recently, or if you need to repair that faulty mini-split or install a new one, please contact us today at (622) 100-5547 or email goezsolar@gmail.com.

Solar Panel services

Efficiency Analysis: 
All of our solar projects start with an efficiency analysis to pinpoint areas where your home or building needs improvement or to identify outdated appliances or equipment that needs to be replaced. It is cheaper to replace an old fridge than to install a bigger solar installation.

Planning and Design:
At Cenergy, we are experts in designing the right solar installation for your needs. All we need is your electrical bill, and if it is not available we can do a load analysis at your home or business.

We carry mounting systems, solar panels, grid-tied as well as battery-based inverters, and all accessories to make your solar project a reality.

At Cenergy, we are NABCEP and SEI certified. This means that we have the training, experience and tools to ensure that all your solar equipment is installed according to International standards, and that your solar installation is done with reliability and longevity in mind.

Our relationship with our clients continues beyond the start-up and operation phase of their solar generating panels. We continue to monitor the system for performance and work with our customers to schedule maintenance and service calls.


We are bilingual. For efficient, friendly, and reliable service, contact Mark today.

Phone: 622-100-5547  (cell or whatsapp)
Facebook: Cenergy
Email: goezsolar@gmail.com

Have you used Cenergy? What did you think?

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8 comments on “Cenergy
  1. Richard carlson says:

    Great. Courteous and helpful

  2. Sharon Twardowski says:

    We were very happy with the service provided by Mark and his helper. They were efficient, tidy and courteous. We would recommend that you give them a call – it could reduce your electric bill.

  3. Bill Molden says:

    Excellent work installin 4 A/C mini splits at a great price

  4. Jeff Thompson says:

    Solar panels and supporting electronics installed and CFE electric meter changed to bi-directional – fast, clean and a very good price compared to Tucson area. Highly recommend.

  5. Ann L Marquez says:

    Do you service solar water heating systems?

  6. dale charlick says:

    HI Marco,
    Did u come up with a price for the man that i talked to u about. Just send me a quote when u have time.
    dale charlick

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