Dental Guaymas Endodontics

Phone: 622-222-3439
Address: Carretera Internacional Km. Norte #1982 Col. Petrolera PLAZA 01, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico 85456

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2 comments on “Dental Guaymas Endodontics
  1. Randy L Lewman says:

    Great dentist and speaks excellent English. He was very thorough and explained everything he would be doing and what he was doing. Also, his office is equipped with the latest advanced technology. You can also watch beautiful calming videos on a big screen T.V. while you are lying in the dental chair. Here is an example:

    I strongly advise anybody who is looking for a dentist here to go see him in Guaymas. Very reasonable cost also for cleaning, post implant, and crown.

  2. Pat Zalapa says:

    Shortly after arriving in San Carlos, I broke one of my front teeth. I called Dental Guaymas Endodontics and though they were not able to get me in that same day, Dr. Hector worked me in over his lunchtime the following day. A very thorough exam, the one structure was good, so no root canal needed, but did need a crown. Dr. Hector explained the various options available without pressuring me, but gave enough information that I could make an intelligent choice based on what I needed and could afford. His prices, even for the top of the line option were reasonable. When he took the impressions of my teeth for proper fitting, I thought it noteworthy that he had customized the tool used to accommodate people like me who have mandibular tori (bony growth in the lower jaw, behind the teeth and below the tongue). In the past, this has always been painful, as the tool tends to cut into the skin covering the tori. However, with the modified tool that Dr. Hector used there was no pain or distress. My permanent crown was ready in one week, but when I went in for the placement, Dr. Hector was not satisfied with the result, the lab had shortened the length and it looked off, so he took new impressions and had the lab redo the crown. The final permanent crown was a perfect match, both size and color. I couldn’t be more pleased! I would highly recommend Dr. Hector and Dental Guaymas to anyone needing dental care.

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