Doctora Cecilia Cordova Araiza | General Practice

Phone: (622)226-0054 – land line
Address: Sector Creston, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico 85506

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3 comments on “Doctora Cecilia Cordova Araiza | General Practice
  1. Judy Kragseth says:

    I need a Dr. in San Carlos–I`d like to see if I can get off of some of my meds–I need a complete blood workup-to see if I am diabetic and help with leg pain and hot flashes…..I will be in San Carlos after Dec. 5th. Thank you, Judy

  2. Judith Moore says:

    I am new to San Carlos. i see your info includes Botox experience. I have Blepharospasm, is this something you have experience treating?

  3. Shirley Yip says:

    What is your address.

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