Las Madrinas

Las Madrinas (The Godmothers) is a ladies club that physically and financially helps the Hogar Paz y Bien orphanage, which provides a home for needy and orphaned children in the Guaymas area. A group of volunteers from San Carlos teach English to pre-schoolers and older students. Volunteer teachers and helpers are needed and welcome. All funds raised through dues and donation towards for clothing, utilities, school supplies, etc. for the children. For more information, phone Marg Marshall at 226-0716 or the Club’s President, Angele MacLeod, at 622-125-5667.

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One comment on “Las Madrinas
  1. thomas sanchez says:

    My wife and i used to send donations to Fray Miguel Lozano at Hogar Paz Y Bien.
    We moved a long time ago and lost contact with him.
    Is this effort related to to the same institution?
    We would like to re-start our donations to them, but have sent numerous letters with no response.
    Could you update us on the their status?
    We would welcome the opportunity to donate to this organization as well
    TB Sanchez

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