LTH – batteries

Phone: 622-224-3400
Address: Calle 15 in Guaymas. Go down Serdan to Calle 15, then turn right for 1 block. Shop is on the right at #68. You can pull in to park.
Scooter battery, car battery. Sale, installation & recharge battery
Hours: Lun-Vier 8:00-1:00pm y 3:00-6:30pm / Sab 9:00-2:00pm

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3 comments on “LTH – batteries
  1. Richard says:

    Do you have 12 volt Golf cart batteries again 12 volt golf cart

  2. Randy says:

    Do no buy batteries from Blvd. Agustín García López #804 Col. Aurora, Guaymas, 85420 Sonora, they add items to the bill to pad the price,, they added 5 bottles of transmission fluid to the bill adding $207.40 Peso, when I asked them about it they said I should of paid more for the battery.
    No Refund or credit.

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