RPM Realty

Phone: Cell 044 622 855 8282; Tel. office 226 1884
Address: Ranchitos, San Carlos, sonora Mexico, Sonora Mexico 85506

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One comment on “RPM Realty
  1. Char Detro says:

    Buster with RPM was highly recommended to us from all over San Carlos as we were Americans looking to buy in San Carlos. Buster has lived in San Carlos for over 20 years and worked us through the entire process of purchasing in Mexico. Buster handled everything for us including new furnishings being delivered and checking that all parts were included before accepting the items. Buster has become a really good friend who we recommend to everyone we meet looking for a Realtor. They have all also been very satisfied and Thankful for Buster. Buster being from Canada speaks English and with all of his years in Mexico is fluent with this language also. Buster know’s the Mexican way and eliminates and or takes care of any and all concerns! Buster also takes care of all of us living in Tecalai Park in San Carlos!

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