Athleticlub San Carlos

Athleticlub San Carlos

Athleticlub San Carlos is a modern, clean and fun gym with state-of-the-art equipment and many different classes. We are celebrating our 17th Year Anniversary as the premier health club in San Carlos!

Your membership includes: weights & cardio machines; fitness classes such as zumba, pilates, Latin dancing, and yoga; spinning classes, water aerobics; pickleball and tennis.  And for the kids, we have special dance classes, taekwondo, tennis, and much, much more.

Be part of it. Body – Mind – Spirit

Our instructors are experienced, accredited, and will make the hours you spend at the club enjoyable and worthwhile. Whether Athleticlub San Carlos receptionit be in a fitness class, on the weight room floor, or in the pool, we are here to help you meet your exercise needs. We have trainers available on the floor to assist you with your exercise routine, and with the operation of the cardio-machines and the weights. If you wish to have a dedicated trainer to help you design a personalized fitness program, then please ask at reception.

Pilates Reformer: This innovative form of exercise focuses on the strengthening of muscles that helps you to maintain a symmetrical and revitalized body. Pilates Reformer is used for exercises by both men and women, young and old. Contact us for class schedules and costs.

Our air-conditioned gym provides a large workout space that houses top-of-the-line cardio-vascular equipment and weight machines. We provide showers and lockers for your use.

We also have a Pro Shop that carries a wide range of brand name fitness and sporting apparel, equipment, and accessories for our members and guests.

Schedule: July 8 – 13

Check out our new classes this season and ask about our Special Promotions. Contact us at 622-226-0700 for details, or come into the gym.


*Personal Trainer Services with Steve for Seniors (click on flyer for information)

*Zumba Gold

Athleticlub San Carlos is now offering “Zumba Gold”, a zumba class for those of you who wish to get moving and grooving at your own pace.

This class is based on the same dance moves used in the Latin dance class, however it is less intense — with dance routines designed for beginners, seniors, or for people nursing an injury or with bad knees or hips who prefer something with low impact. The music is a little slower and the dance moves are more controlled. Try this fun, lively class and get a great work-out!

This class will be led by Sandy every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00am. And right after you can cool down in the pool for Aqua-aerobics!

Come into the gym or call 622-226-0700 for details.

*Spinning Classes. Here are the Top 6 Reasons to take a Spin Class.

MASSIVE CALORIE BURN: A SPIN class can really “turn up the burn”, so to speak. An average sized person (150 lbs.) can burn up to 800 calories per class. Even challenging levels at other Cardio equipment can’t burn that many calories.
IMPROVE CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: You will work both aerobically and anaerobically for specific intervals improving overall endurance and cardiovascular efficiency. Just as any muscle will increase strength through overload, so does the heart, which results in your ability to work harder for longer periods of time.
EXPERIENCE HOW TIME FLIES: In a SPIN class, the challenge is constantly changing. As you work through each level, you tend to lose track of time. You find yourself “in the zone” and suddenly an hour has passed!
PROGRESS AT YOUR OWN PACE WHILE HAVING FUN RIDING TOGETHER: If you prefer to pedal with a little less intensity, you can’t fall behind the rest of the class and you won’t feel out of place for not knowing the steps in a routine. Regardless of your fitness level, a SPIN class keeps everyone together. This goes beyond sitting in the same class as each individual works equally as hard at their own level.
ENJOY AN EFFECTIVE, LOW IMPACT WORKOUT: A SPIN class keeps the pressure off the hips, knees and ankles. You can work out hard without impact to the joints, unlike treadmills and stair steppers. Lots of former runners have switched to SPIN and they still get the same “high” that they used to get from running.
BUILD YOUR MENTAL STRENGTH: A SPIN class builds mental strength; sometimes in life and in class you can have difficult times. By pushing through those times, you gain self‐discipline which can be applied to all areas of life. The physical exertion can also be a catharsis for releasing pent up emotions. The Warm‐Up and the Cool‐Down are great ways to relax and refocus your energy as well.

*On-site Massages (tel: 622-226-0700 for appointment)

*Pickleball Court: Are you ready to join the fastest growing sport in North America? Then come out to our Pickleball Court, and see what the hype is all about. 

We also have lights so you can play at night! Call us at 622-226-0700 to book your game today!

karla yogaweights and cardio machines

Coffee, Juices, & Food at Mandala San Carlos

Mandala San Carlos serves coffee, juice, and food at the club, and is the social hub for our members. Get a good start or enjoy a healthy finish to your day with delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. The most popular items include fruit smoothies, coffees, sandwiches, and salads. We also make cakes for special events. Working meals and breaks are now more convenient with our complimentary wireless Internet access.

Pool, Tennis Court and Pickleball Court (see above)

Outside, there is an in-ground lap pool which is solar heated and a smaller kiddie pool. Water aerobic classes are offered, and for a nominal fee, we also provide swimming lessons.

There is also a tennis court, a pickleball court, and a basketball hoop. Group tennis lessons are included with your membership. Private tennis lessons for adults are available upon request for a fee. Just ask at the reception desk.

afuera sombrillaswater aerobics in poolpool at nighttennis

For Children and Youths

There are also many activities geared towards children – like taekwondo, swimming and tennis lessons. There is an on-site play area for kids.

Having a Special Party or Event?

The pool and patio area is available to rent for your special party or event.  Having a birthday, anniversary, or wedding — ask us about our special packages. For details, please ask at the reception desk.

pool party1party


There are many types of memberships and different packages available to meet every club member’s needs. You can choose from a selection of individual activities, or pay a set Membership Fee which includes access to almost EVERYTHING – the fitness classes, the weights and cardio machines, the pool, and tennis & pickleball court (only the pilates reformer class, private tennis and swimming lessons cost extra). Contact us for details.

Contact UsBest Atheticlub logo

Phone: 622-226-0700 (llamanos al 622-226-0700)
Address: Avenida 3 #110 at the corner of Calle IV, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

Facebook:  Athleticlub San Carlos

Days & Times Open (hours of operation):  
Monday to Friday, from 6:00am to 9:00pm.
Saturday from 8:00am to 3:00pm.
Closed Sundays.

Lunes a Viernes de 6:00am a 8:00pm.
Sabados de 8:00am a 3:00pm.
Cerramos los Domingos.

Have you used Athleticlub San Carlos? What did you think?

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  1. Amaya says:

    I am very excited to be joining the staff at this fitness center this coming week. If you like music and you like to move, come to my Wise Women DO BellyDance Class! Wednesdays at 9:30 am. You can check me out at For women of all ages and sizes! Hope to see you there!

  2. Brian says:

    What are your rates?

  3. Jam says:

    Do you have table tennis, (ping pong)?? I am a coach but interested in keeping up on the game and fitness..

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