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Fray Ivo Toneck was the builder, inspiration, and leader of Bellas Artes Guaymas. Bellas Artes, the center of music in Guaymas, has established many musical innovations within the City since 1996. A better life for underprivileged youth is at the heart and soul of Bellas Artes accomplishments.

Bellas Artes conceived El Mariachi Guadalupano, the City’s first mariachi band in the year 1996. They assembled La Banda Marchante, a 65-piece marching band. Bellas Artes taught chorus, instructed classical and regional music along with the Folkloric Ballet Group which included modern dance. Fray Ivo is credited and was responsible for the Esperanza Azteca Orchestra originally locating in Guaymas in 2013, and he managed the orchestra for its’ first three crucial start-up years. In addition, Fray Ivo was the mastermind behind the $3.5 million dollar Guaymas Music Conservatory which has transformed the face of Guaymas. Bellas Artes currently features the fabulous Fray Ivo Youth Orchestra.

In honor of Fray Ivo Toneck, the City of Guaymas engraved his name onto the Civic Auditorium, the street alongside Bellas Artes, and the Music Conservatory at the waterfront just across from the statue of “El Pescador.” Guaymas has been blessed with the Franciscans’ construction talents and cultural contributions since he arrived in 1985. Fray Ivo passed away at the age of 92 years, February 29, 2020 leaving behind an impressive legacy and music that both continue.

The heart and soul of Bellas Artes are the Orchestras’ students and their instructors that hail from different parts of Mexico. The students are children and young adults that typically come from poorer families in Guaymas ages 6-20 years old. They currently number around 150+ students with 15 music instructors. These kids are determined to better their lives, as well as the City of Guaymas.

What Bellas Artes Offers:
• Orchestral Concerts.
• String Quartet (4-16 piece)
• Music for Non-Profit Fundraisers
• Music for Charitable Social Causes

What Bellas Artes needs:
• Day-to-day operating funds, as the State of Sonora only assists with instruments.
• Sponsors/Supporters of all denominations in North America, and Guaymas/San Carlos.
• Anyone with professional musical training as a volunteer teacher or instructor.

Verónica Díaz Lugo, the Administrator, at  or by telephone at 622 222 14 95.

Bellas Artes is in Guaymas on Serdán, just past the downtown area on the left near the Marinas.
The Music Conservatory is under construction nearby on the waterfront next to La Barca de Guaymas Bronze Statue. The address is Avenida Serdán y Calle 30 Esq.

*** Information for tax-deductible contributions can be found at but they must be specifically earmarked for Bellas Artes Guaymas.

Facebook: Orquesta Filarmónica Juvenil Fray Ivo Toneck


Article by Cheríe Armstrong-Hidalgo (February 2020)

There are two excellent youth orchestras in Guaymas. There is Fray Ivo Orchestra, and there is Esperanza Azteca Sonora. Fray Ivo Toneck, known as Fry Ivo, originally set-up the Esperanza Azteca orchestral program in Guaymas around 2013. He later created his own Fray Ivo Orchestra. Fray Ivo, a man of religion and nonagenarian (90+), is a very hard-working pioneer with extraordinary visions.

Fray Ivo discovered music as a path to uplift youth in Guaymas. He tastefully remodeled the large Bellas Artes building downtown for the evolving Fray Ivo Orchestra where the students currently practice most afternoons.

He spent twenty years organizing the newly constructed Guaymas “Conservatorio” near Bellas Artes that will be a music school for preparatory students, as well as a university for undergraduate, graduate and doctorate musical studies. The new prominent “Conservatorio” is on the Malecon just next to the statue commemorating “La Barca de Guaymas” – a famous sailor song sung by many Mexican artists and Linda Rondstadt.

Fray Ivo Orchestra presented a beautiful Christmas Concert this past December in Guaymas to an enthusiastic crowd. They just recently presented a magical dress rehearsal to a packed audience at Bellas Artes in preparation for their FOAT 2020 concert in the Álamos area.

Visiting Fray Ivo in Bellas Artes and listening to the students perform can be done most afternoons from 3:30pm – 7:30pm. Fray Ivo and the rest of the staff will welcome you with open arms. You may call them at 622-222-1495 at Bellas Artes – Avenida Serdán y Calle 30 Esq., near the Marinas.

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