JJ’s Tacos y Cosas

Address: next to Guardian Storage on Tetakawi Blvd., San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

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6 comments on “JJ’s Tacos y Cosas
  1. Patricio says:

    Local favorite. Reasonable prices, great palapa and good food and cold beer.

  2. al neal says:

    JJ’s has the best tacos in San Carlos. My old lady and I always make sure we stop by to see JJ and get the “DONKEY” burrito!! you wont be let down!! Its a very friendly and awesomely priced food!! He gave me the nickname “Super Donkey Boy” which is the octopus and shrimp donkey burrito and its huge!!

  3. Bill says:

    I was last there a few years ago, fond memories and can’t wait to go back. Great food and friendly people.

  4. Wade Morrison says:

    Great food, huge license plate collection and of course lots of slightly off color teeshirts. JJ s a hoot!

  5. Richard J Ivanisko says:

    The place was empty but we tried it anyway. The taco’s tasted great but the toilet was our best friend in the morning. Debating whether to go back or not…

  6. Big Donkey says:

    Been visiting JJ’s for the past ten years and always make a point of stopping for a Margarita or 3 everytime we visit San Carlos. Never ever had bad food or any experience later on that could be blamed on it, beverages on the other hand are a different story 🙂

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