Jose Humberto Fierro Rico

Phone: 6221258663
Address: 118A, Calle Cuarta, sexta seccion San Carlos, San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora Mexico

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3 comments on “Jose Humberto Fierro Rico
  1. Stanly Steinberg says:

    Humberto has done house repairs for us and has always done excellent
    work at a reasonable price. We had a one story house that we have
    worked on over the years. To accommodate grand kids, we had Humberto
    design and add a second story to our house. Design was wonderful.
    We have used this for 7 years and just love it. Just perfect for a
    couple. Grand kids have the downstairs! If you want more info send
    me an email.

  2. Janet Oliver says:

    Humberto lives in San Carlos and has done everything for us from emergency late night repairs on our water heater to installing a generator to designing and building major additions to the house. No job seems either too trivial or too complex for him to tackle. I love presenting my latest crazy idea and waiting for him to say “we can do it”. He holds degrees in business and civil engineering, is a wizard with computer design packages and follows all the local rules and regulations for construction permits and worker insurance. His English is excellent. I recommend him unreservedly and would be glad to show off the projects that he has completed at our house in Villa Hermosa. Just send an E-mail to

  3. Charles Hall says:

    I would like to build in San Carlos like the web site below.

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