San Carlos Connection Rentals / Myrtheline Amparano

Phone: 622 134 65 21
Address: Paseo Mar Bermejo Norte 4 s/n interior Diamante Azul condominios, Los Algodones, San Carlos, Sonora, Sonora Mexico 85440

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3 comments on “San Carlos Connection Rentals / Myrtheline Amparano
  1. Fernando Galvez says:

    Buenas tardes
    Busco reservaciones para un grupo de 16 personas (una habitación por persona) para 17 a 19 Octubre ó 24 a 26 Octubre.
    Tal vez varias casas/condos cercanos uno al otro para acomodar al grupo.
    Le agradezco me envié cotización para ambas fechas.

  2. Becky and Jim Moors says:

    We are interested in an apartment, condo or small house rental for a month from the middle of October to the middle of November. We would like to keep the rent at around $500 for the month. Do you have anything available?
    Thank you
    Becky and Jim Moors

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