X Pro Professional Computers

Phone: 226-1964; 622-855-3090; 622-123-1781
Address: Marinaterra Plaza #16, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico 85506

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2 comments on “X Pro Professional Computers
  1. Tom Cook says:

    Juan and his staff at Xpro fixed my computer when the other repair place here in San Carlos could not. Juan was able to retrieve all my files and restored my “crashed” hard drive. It wasn’t cheap, but I got back all that I wanted to save (music, photos, etc) and it saved me the cost of a new computer.

  2. Stanly Steinberg says:

    Carlos just repaired my Dell All in One that was totally dead. He also did several other things like fix a broken phone line and helped upgrade our modem.
    Was really inexpensive! And Carlos is really very nice!

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