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Hector Vari (painter, muralist)

While the desert landscape around San Carlos is beautiful, seeing the multitudes of murals throughout town painted by our very own Hector Vari makes the scenery even more spectacular.

Oscar Zepeda (painter, muralist) | Deceased

In San Carlos, when you see a large mural depicting the sun setting over the Tetakawi mountain, or the cacti blooming in the desert, you will be inclined to think of Oscar. His rich and vivid images of mountains, deserts, and “puro Mexicano” are admired wherever they are displayed.

Jim Garwood, Whimsical Gourd Artist

Jim Garwood makes whimsical art creations made out of gourds. With his own palette of colors, Jim Garwood has managed to turn these same gourds into whimsical and beautiful pieces of art

Ray Mahoney (Artist)

Ray Mahoney was an art teacher and then a commercial artist, so her whole working life has been in the arts. She also owned a small printing company. Ray is a painter. She prefers acrylics, but still dabbles in drawing, water colors and sometimes oil.

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