Board Your Dog with Dorothy

Phone: 226-0866
Address: Next to the old gym in Ranchitos , San Carlos, Sonora Mexico 85506

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6 comments on “Board Your Dog with Dorothy
  1. eric says:

    Do you day dog sitting ? I have 2 well mannered dogs
    Looking for possibility’s on and off this week


  2. Rosemary says:

    I will be in San Carlos for 3 months. I am looking for someone to groom my Shitzu dog. I would like to know the cost to. He is about 15 lbs! Could anyone help???

  3. pat McGregor says:

    Hi Dorothy! No doubt you won’t remember us, but you cared for our Fausto (11 year okd Bichon Frise)a few years ago when we were in San Carlos for the first time. We’re returning this year and are going to be gone from San Carlos from the 1st of Feb To the 15th. Would you be able to take Fausto for that long? We’re not going to plan this tour if we can’t find someone to watch the little poop hound, so if you could get back to us soon it would be great. We’ll be down in SC by Dec 15th and can make all the necessary arrangements then, but we need to know if you’re not booked at that time…
    Thanks so much and see you soon regardless!
    Pat and Kristina and Fausto

    • Christa says:

      Hi Pat, you’ll need to contact Dorothy directory. This is a business directory that Dorothy is listed in (like a yellow pages) – but she may not check the comments.


    Looking for pet boarding this upcoming weekend. We have a miniature poodle mix that is well mannered however we are staying at hotel and need additional boarding for our dog.

  5. Mel says:

    Do you still board dogs and groom them as well

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