Veterinarian Carlos Borges

vetrinarian borgesOur facilities are spacious, new, clean and specially designed for quality veterinary care with maximum comfort for your pet.

In Veterinary matters, we have the most extensive experience in animal consultation as well as advice and management of your pets.

We have all the latest equipment available, including x-ray, ultrasound and a surgery lab.

We aim to provide the best clinical and surgical care for your pets. We are committed to the health of your pet. We have the expertise and facilities needed for this, and seek to improve every day both our professional and our facilities to provide the treatment your pets deserve.

Hospital de Ugencias
M.V.Z. ESP DIPL Carlos A. Martinez Borges
Registro CONEVET 701041
C.P. ESP.5114452 C.P. 3703559

Phone: 662 2-13-63-18, 197-86-99 Urgencias 6621-88-00-88
Address: Olmos No 50 Col. Fuentes del Mezquital , Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico



Days & Times Open (hours of operation): available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


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6 comments on “Veterinarian Carlos Borges
  1. christa says:

    Veterinarian Borges is located in Hermosillo, but he’s worth the drive. We were told by local vets that we would have to drive our sick dog to the states to get x-rays taken. Then we were lucky enough to hear about veterinarian Borges — he has all the necessary diagnostic equipment in his clinic in Hermosillo. He’s also the vet for the Delfinarium, so he’s often in San Carlos / Guaymas and has use of a clinic in Guaymas — where he often met us.

    He’s kind, caring, friendly and knowledgeable and I highly recommend him — particularly for anything beyond routine check-ups.

    His clinic is easy to find — from Solidaridad (Walmart / Home Depot street) you take a left on Olmos (which has a traffic light) and is past Walmart but before the turn for Costco. It’s a couple blocks down Olmos on the left, on a corner. Look for the white building with his logo in red paint.

    • maryellen says:

      I took my Pekingese to Dr. Borges for a consult for surgery for soft palate correction common to all short-nosed dogs.
      I was very impressed with Dr. Borges and the staff. I do speak Spanish so might have a different perception than English speakers.
      He was very thorough and spent much more time with me than any U.S. veterinarian I’ve encountered.
      I will return next week to have the surgery which is a fraction of the cost in the U.S.

  2. maryellen says:

    I have a 3 year old Pekingese dog that was seen by veterinarians in California who didn’t do any x-rays to determine what was the problem with his labored breathing but rather gave antibiotics and steroids which did nothing to improve his condition.
    I did some research on the internet about veterinarians in Sonora since I was going to San Carlos, Sonora for the winter. I was very impressed with what I read about Dr. Borges and was even referred by several other veterinarians in Hermosillo to him.
    He did a thorough exam along with blood work and x-rays at a FRACTION of what it would have cost me in the U.S. and spent more time than I ever expected in explaining my dog’s breathing problem.
    So I will return to Borges in a week to have the surgery. I haven’t had such a good experience with a U.S. veterinarian in a long time since most of them seem to be more concerned with getting your money rather than really helping your pet.
    If you need more information about my experience, email me. I also had a great veterinarian in Ensenada so in my opinion it is well worth the time to travel across the border to get very good care at a fraction of the price.

    • Bill Olofson says:

      Do you think Dr. Borges does teeth cleaning. I have a very low key, well behaved 50 lb Border Collie. I read your recommendation of Dr. Borges and I am very impressed. I will be staying at San Carlos the months of January & February. Thanks you. Bill Olofson, Sierra Vista

      • Christa says:

        Probably. He’s a full service vet.

      • Mary Ellen says:

        Dr. Borges is full-service which means he provides ALL type of veterinary care. Other vets in Hermosillo recommend him esp. for complicated surgeries or procedures. Many vets here in Mexico do not have laser or even basic x-ray and he is also a specialist. He has a full service grooming operation. You can make an appointment via email when you are in the area.

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