Tortuga Restaurant

Tortuga Restaurant

Tortuga’s is your fine dining experience in San Carlos. Tortuga’s is starting a new season with the Fresh Food Bistro menu. All of the menu items come from local fresh sources. All of our famous meats (Prime Rib, Rib Eye, Filet Mignon), Special Catch of the day, Spicy Tuna, Field Salad and a few new dishes are hand-picked to ensure you’re getting the best.

The Bistro is open 3:00pm to 11:00pm Monday to Friday and 1:00pm to 11:00pm, Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday special is our famous Beef Wellington (425 pesos).

Tortuga’s Bar is open and we welcome you from 8:30am to 11pm. Come in, have fun, laugh a lot, and try the Best Hamburger in San Carlos, and a few new dishes like crab cake and marinated eggplant. Open in the morning serving fresh coffee, a special French Toast Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, and all your favorites.

We also offer outdoor patio seating.

Open in the morning serving fresh coffee, a special French sweet bread, Eggs Benedict, and all your favorites.  Order our fresh French bread (bowl, baguette, half baguette. Reserve yours by calling 622-226-2051.

Entertainment: Monday: Gembe Jazz, 6pm – 9pm. Tuesday: Alfredo y Jesus, 6pm – 9pm. Thursday: Omar Arriaga on Piano, 6pm – 9pm. Friday: Mare Caraibe Band, 6pm – 9pm. Saturday: Laura y Cadenza Band, 6pm – 9pm.

Food & Drink Specials:
Monday: Enchiladas (95 pesos) + Margarita (75 pesos)
Tuesday: Mexican day: Taco Tuesday (25 pesos) + Tequila (40 pesos). Tortilla soup, fajitas and fish tacos with 50% discount
Wednesday: Shepherd’s pie (95 pesos) + screw driver (75 pesos)
Thursday: Italian day: beef tostada (35 pesos) + Cerveza Nationale (30 pesos). Fresh pasta, lasagna, chicken parmesan, tiramisu with 50% discount. See the flyer for details.
Friday: Chile Relleno (110 pesos) + Margarita (75 pesos)
Saturday: Fish Finger Tacos (90 pesos) + Mojito (75 pesos)
Sunday: Special Eggs Benedict (115 pesos) and Bloody Mary (75 pesos), served 8:30am to 1:00pm. Domingo Pasta: bolognaise, alfredo, carbonara (90 pesos).

Contact Us

Phone: 622-226-2051
Address: Blvd Gabriel Estrada n°1 (the old Five Palms restaurant)


Website: where you can find our menu
Facebook:  Tortuga’s Restaurant Bar

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2 comments on “Tortuga Restaurant
  1. JULIE bell says:

    Ate at Tortuga Restaurant this past weekend. Great atmosphere, great food. We really wanted to buy the shirts the staff was wearing. How do we get them to buy? Thank you

  2. Kathleen King says:

    I enjoyed a fabulous dinner with friends last night at Tortuga’s as well as impeccable service and great music!

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