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Learn something new (aka, 100 crazy things to do before you die):
Learn Spanish
Learn to play an instrument
Learn to Dive
Learn to sail

Directory of schools in Guaymas & San Carlos: from kinder through university
Learn to cook
Learn to dance

iGlobe Career

Phone: 5189777282
Address: 2225 Emporia St, Woodbridge, VA, 22191, USA, Woodbridge, Sonora Mexico

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Colegio Australiano – Bilingüe – Maternal y Preescolar en Ciudad Juarez

Phone: 06564370221
Address: Calle Fray S de Aparicio 6805 San Lorenzo 32439, Juárez, Sonora Mexico

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Learn Spanish with Arnold Trujillo

Spanish classes led by Arnold Trujillo, who has taught in San Carlos since 2009, held at Tequila’s Restaurant & Bar.

Spanish Classes with Carolina & Elizabeth

Come join one of our classes and improve your Spanish over the winter. We have a variety of levels, days and times.

You can choose what best suits you or you can meet us beforehand to determine your level.

Spanish Lessons | Nendy Fimbres

Phone: 6228559221
Spanish Lessons with Nendy Fimbres

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Dolores Monterrubio (Spanish & English language teacher)

Spanish & English language teacher in San Carlos Sonora Mexico

learn spanish!

Phone: 622 1092488
Address: Your own house, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

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Espanglish – Institute of Language and Culture

The Espanglish Institute is a language school for adults of all ages who want to learn Spanish or English right here in beautiful San Carlos.

Phone: (622) 105-2398

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Learn Piano – Jacqui Percious

Learn to play the piano with a very easy proven method. Have fun, amaze your friends and even better, amaze yourself!

200 pesos per lesson…10th lesson free (less than 20 usd).

Phone: 622-227-0014
Address: Bahia San Carlos
Days &

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Learn Guitar – Jacqui Percious

Ever wanted to learn the classical guitar? Have a guitar sitting around and don’t know how to play it? Or, you just know a little and would like to learn more? Or, you want a challenge and want to keep those brain cells active!

Your problem is solved.

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Thrown Back Sports / Pro Kiteboarding

Phone: 044-622-129-1382
Address: , , Sonora Mexico

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Jock Barker, Creative Councilor, Life & Sales Strategies

Phone: 720-771-4664
Address: La Posada Condos #207, , Sal Carlos Mexico, Sonora Mexico

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Instituto Cervino

Phone: (622)221-4081
Address: Domicilio Conocido S/N . Col. Las Quintas, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico

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American English Academy

Phone: (622)224-2929
Address: Avenida Serdan 6 . Col. Benito Juarez, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico

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Instituto Regional de Guaymas

Phone: (622)222-5200
Address: Serdán 645 . Col. Col Centro, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico 85400

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Colegio Navarette

Phone: (622) 222-1861
Address: Blvd. Totoaba s/n Parte Final Col. Aurora, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico 85420

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Colegio Americano

Phone: 622-221-1617
Address: Blvd. Luis Encinas s/n, Esq. Paseo Colinas, Col. Miramar, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico 85510

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