Oscar Zepeda (painter, muralist)

IMG_4719Many artists go by one name only. Picasso; Degas; Goya…all come to mind.  Well, here in San Carlos, when you see a large mural depicting the sun setting over the Tetakawi mountain, or the cacti blooming in the desert, you will be inclined to think of Oscar. His rich and vivid images of mountains, deserts, and “puro Mexicano” are admired wherever they are displayed.

Oscar does, in fact, have a last name.  It is Zepeda.  And his signature on his paintings includes it.  But when people ask or speak about him, they just refer to Oscar.

Oscar has lived in Guaymas all his life, and he started painting from a very young age. Over the past seven years, he has been painting professionally, and you will see his murals on the signs for the new Sunset Bar & Grill, in La Salsa Beach Bar, and in the Doug Out restaurant in Guaymas. He has also paintedIMG_4727 murals in Obregon and Hermosillo.

He also paints murals at people’s homes. His most recent project is an underwater scene in a porchyard of a house near the Mirador (see photo on the left). Oscar’s attention to detail is amazing, and he is able to paint just about anything. He uses acrylic paint, which looks good in interiors and exteriors.

As a freelance artist, Oscar is happy to paint whatever the clients wants, be it a jungle scene, an underwater scene, a typical Pueblo scene, or the Tetas…and anything in between. Many clients have had Oscar paint their garage or bodega doors – to add a real “wow factor” to their outdoor areas. Another client had him turn her indoor pillars into colorful and festive palm trees.

Oscar likes to paint natural landscapes, drawing from the nature that is around us here in San Carlos and Guaymas. While he spent a few months studying at Casa de la Cultura, Oscar’s skill is mainly self-taught, and he has practiced a lot over the years. His artistic style is “realism”, and he incorporates a lot of details in his paintings. He paints as if it were a photograph, which is called hyperrealism. This is a genre of painting resembling a high-resolution picture.

Palm tree from pillarIMG_4713IMG_4732IMG_4758

Oscar’s painting sizes range from the side of a restaurant wall, to a 3 cm seashell. He paints on canvas too, and has a number of his original paintings on sale at Jorge’s Gift Shop, the store under Los Arbolitos restaurant near Totanaka RV Park.

Oscar is innovative, and he has recently invented a new form of painting – in 3D. In these paintings, he incorporates real objects, such as sand and rocks, into his artwork, and IMG_4742paints them as well as the rest of the picture. This unique technique and the resulting remarkable paintings have proven to be very popular. A few such paintings can also be found at Jorge’s Gift Shop.

His favorite artists are Michelangelo and Da Vinci, which he has studied extensively. He is also greatly influenced and inspired by Alfredo Rodriguez, a professional artist since 1968, born and raised in Mexico, and now living in California, USA. Mr. Rodriguez is well known for his vivid images of the American West, and his portrayal of the inhabitants of the land provide the focal point in his work.

In his spare time, Oscar likes to do full contact boxing. He finds it a good way to balance his lifestyle.

Oscar ZepedaIn consultation with the client, Oscar will provide advice and give ideas for a particular project, to suit their needs. He prices the job according to the size of the project and the detail required. Any one of the many satisfied clients will be sure to give him a glowing recommendation.

Oscar will give private lessons upon request. And when the Art League in San Carlos is in season, he also works with this group.

If you want to contact Oscar for private lessons or to ask for a free quote on a painting project, contact him today!

Contact information:

Tel:  622-126-2187  (cel)

Facebook: Oscar Zepeda

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One comment on “Oscar Zepeda (painter, muralist)
  1. Valdete Muniz Lucas says:

    Hola Oscar, buenas tardes
    He visto un mural pintado por ti en el youtube y me quedé encantada. Por mi mala suerte el video solo tiene algunos segundos y no muestra la pintura terminada.
    Tratase de un tucan publicado en 23 de noviembre de 2016, que está en el seguinte video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdotqd9igbI
    Puedes por favor enseñarme la foto de la pintura lista?
    Muchas gracias por tu atencion y desde ya te felicito por tan linda obra de arte.
    Abrazos desde el Brasil

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