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Art in Watercolor by Larra

Phone: 8118210576
Address: , , Sonora Mexico

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Marcela Campillo Fotografía | Bodas, Bautizos, Caritas, Eventos

Marcela Campillo Fotografía para Bodas, Bautizos, Caritas, Eventos y Publicidad.

Destination wedding photographer.

Eric Holland

Local musician, Eric Holland is a gifted, solo acoustical guitarist, who also plays harmonica while singing beautiful ballads / songs.

Omar Arriaga

You can watch Omar play throughout the week at several San Carlos restaurants. Piano, guitar, jazz, beach show & Silent Comedy Show.

Lorena Robles (singer, guitarist)

Lorena RoblesIf you’ve heard her sing, you’ll undoubtedly agree. Lorena Robles has a voice that caresses the soul. How did we San Carlos residents become lucky enough to have her here performing every night for our listening pleasure?

Growing up in Hermosillo as the middle of 5 children,

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Elba and The Cochrans

Elba and the CochransElba and Bliss & Jim Cochran — Mexico’s Smallest Jazz Band.

Elba & The Cochrans perform at Hacienda Mar De Cortez Wednesdays from 6-8, along with all-you-can-eat barbecue and bottomless orange margaritas. Come before sunset and have a beach walk, get your rib fix, lots of vitamin C and vitamin T (for tequila).

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Danny Moreno

This San Carlos musician not only sings — he also plays the rhythm guitar, the piano, the viola, and the harmonica.  It’s no surprise that he comes from a musical family.  His father was a singer in a trio called Los Santos (the Saints) in Mexico City, and his uncle sings Ranchera and Bolero songs for friends and family. 

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Bobby & Leslie Sahlen

Bobby&Leslie SahlenThe Sahlen’s rock and roll roots go back to working with Spanky and Our Gang (known for the song, “Sunday Will Never Be the Same”) and The Mamas and the Papas.

Listen to Bobby & Lesley’s songs:


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These Sonoran-based rockers draw their influence from both Hispanic and Western influences. Luna is a suave, tight, diverse, local band.

They play live, loud, stand-up rock-n-roll at Froggy’s. They also sitting comfortably in a line, beachside at the Soggy Peso Bar playing MTV, unplugged style, acoustic, classic music,

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Mariachi juvenil Oro y Plata de Guaymas

Phone: 6221030584
Address: calle 12 avenida 6 col. centro, Guaymas, Sonora Mexico

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Amaya -Gypsy Belly Dancer

Phone: 622-226-0933
Address: Loma Del Mar, San Carlos, Son, Mexico, Sonora Mexico

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Hector Vari (painter, muralist)

While the desert landscape around San Carlos is beautiful, seeing the multitudes of murals throughout town painted by our very own Hector Vari makes the scenery even more spectacular.

Jim Garwood, Whimsical Gourd Artist | Jim passed away in 2020, RIP.

Jim Garwood made whimsical art creations made out of gourds. With his own palette of colors, Jim Garwood managed to turn these same gourds into whimsical and beautiful pieces of art. Jim passed away in 2020, RIP.

Abraham Castro (photographer, videographer)

Known mainly for his landscape photography, Abraham’s pictures are immediately recognizable because of the color correction and the composition. Abraham’s talents are varied. He takes professional photos for Tourism of Sonora and for private businesses and individuals. He does portrait photography. He also makes videos for commercial use, and is a videographer for private events.

Ray Mahoney (Artist)

Ray Mahoney was an art teacher and then a commercial artist, so her whole working life has been in the arts. She also owned a small printing company. Ray is a painter. She prefers acrylics, but still dabbles in drawing, water colors and sometimes oil.


Phone: 622 126 5854
Address: Manzana 6 Lote 22 Colonia Burocrata, Guaymas Sonora, Sonora Mexico 85430

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Phone: TEL: 22 2-68-02 CEL: 622 103 33 07
Address: CALLE 11 AVE. 3, Sonora Mexico 85406

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Mariachi Juvenil Guaymas

… with Martin Giacoman
Phone: 622 227 44 60 …. CASA: 132 17 34

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Elba Santiago

Elba SantiagoElba cut her teeth with the music business in 1987, when she was serenading with local Guaymas mariachis using her soprano voice to woo the hearts of the locals and tourists.

Elba knows the San Carlos music scene and is often found performing with other local musicians like Steve Smersh and Omar Arriaga.

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Sandra Rodriguez

Oye Como Va – Umph!  Yes we have mariachis!

Ten years ago when Marina Terra was Plaza Las Glorias, a lovely waitress named Sandra was allowed to take a break from waiting tables and sing two songs with a local Mexican group during the nights she worked. Since then she has taught herself violin.

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The Twins

When in San Carlos, be sure to catch The Twins live at one of several venues – they’ll be one of the highlights of your trip. They play a wide assortment of songs with a great Mexican flavor, and often with a Gypsy Kings’ sound. They’re lively and fun and will have you dancing and toe-tapping along with them.

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Alberto Serna

Alberto Serna, a local saxophonist, was born on January 6, 1986 in Tuxpan, Nayarit, and raised in Oceanside, California. At the age of 9, he started playing the saxophone.

Most of his family´s friends were musicians and he wanted to play a unique instrument that no one else played.

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